Hillary Clinton’s Arrogance Will Lose Her The Election

In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Hillary Clinton, was asked, “What ideas–can you name one idea that [Bernie Sanders has] put forward that you want to embrace? That he has really changed your position on?” She responded with, in essence, a cold hard no. (I recommend watching the video in the link to see her respond yourselves.) What she should have said was, “Yes. Bernie has shown me that the American people are much more open to his progressive ideas than I had originally believed and I am willing and looking forward to incorporate some of his proposals into my own. At least…that’s what Bernie Sanders supporters would have liked to hear.

Politico noted last month that Bernie Sanders has caused a massive shift in Clinton’s campaign, saying “Sanders has left a lasting imprint on Clinton’s candidacy, even if few in her camp are willing to admit it.” I have a feeling no one in her camp was willing to admit it because Hillary Clinton is too stubborn and prideful to admit it…maybe even to herself.

Regardless, Hillary Clinton is going to lose this race if she doesn’t wake up and swallow the cold, hard pill of humility. She needs Bernie Sanders supporters to turn out in droves for her in order to win this election and she doesn’t seem to care. Bernie supporters, especially young people – the most loyal Sanders supporters-are looking for honesty, integrity, consistency, and a real sense of leadership. But what it comes down to is that young people are sick and tired of standard politicians. They want to hear politicians talk about the issues they care about and how they’re actually going to make the country better. Not buzzwords. Not dancing around questions without ever actually saying anything of value. Not more lies and arrogance.

In the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, only 42% of respondents aged 18-34 reported that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton. 38% refused to choose between Trump and Clinton, saying they would either vote for a third party candidate or simply wouldn’t vote.

Democrats don’t generally do well when the young people stay home. According to Gallup, in 2008, Obama won the youth vote (under 30) by a 22 point margin, 61-39.  In 2004, Kerry won the youth vote by a 20 point margin, but lost the election. This is because the turnout among young voters was significantly higher for Obama. Obama would have never won without the youth vote carrying him to victory in the primaries and then giving him the edge in the general. If he had split the youth vote, 47-47, with McCain as Al Gore had with Bush in 2000, he would have lost. The same is true for Hillary.

Basically, Hillary Clinton needs Bernie Sanders to strongly and clearly tell his supporters that they have to turnout and vote for Hillary. If he doesn’t, she will lose to Trump. This is why Hillary Clinton’s arrogance could likely be her doom. She can’t continue to just assume Bernie supporters are going to come out to vote for her just because of how awful Trump is. She claims she wants party unity, so unify. Make concessions to Bernie on policy issues and give him the position of power you know he’d never ask for. Otherwise, Trump will be the next President of the United States. All because of Hillary Clinton’s arrogance.