Superdelegates Can Change Their Vote At Any Time!

Many people are confused and discouraged by the Democratic primary system because the “superdelegates” make it seem rigged. Superdelegates make up 15% of the total number of delegates who will attend the Democratic National Convention this summer to choose the Democratic candidate for President. Superdelegates are comprised of Democratic members of Congress, Governors, former and current Presidents, and party leaders. Unlike pledged delegates, superdelegates are free to vote for whichever candidate they choose.

Bernie Sanders supporters (such as myself) or those considering supporting him are often discouraged when the media shows the delegate count. This is because it shows Hillary with a seemingly massive lead. However, this can be very misleading. Barack Obama faced a similar problem back in 2008 but still won the candidacy. This is because Superdelegates can change their vote at any time. While the vast majority of superdelegates currently back the Democratic Establishment, Hillary Clinton, they can and will change their vote should they see the majority of the popular vote going to another candidate (i.e. Bernie Sanders). The current overall delegate count is:

Hillary Clinton: 1052

Bernie Sanders: 427

However, the pledged delegate is the one that we should really be looking at. The pledged delegate count is what represents that actual will of the people. The current pledged delegate count is:

Hillary Clinton: 595

Bernie Sanders: 405

While this still shows Hillary Clinton with a sizable lead at the moment, it certainly shows a much closer race, especially considering that of the states that have already voted, Bernie Sanders has won (or at least virtually tied) the states that are more representative of Democratic voters as a whole, especially in the states to come. As a Democratic voter, this is important to keep in mind as the mainstream media attempts to push the idea that Hillary has all but won the nomination. The Superdelegate votes will not be enough to grant Hillary the candidacy. As in 2008, superdelegates¬†will slowly, but surely, switch their votes to Bernie Sanders should he win the popular vote. The Democratic Party would crumble if they didn’t. There would be national uproar.

It is worth noting that it was far more difficult for me to find the pledged delegate count than it was to find the count including superdelegates. Don’t let the media dictate Elections by manipulating only showing you information in the way that furthers their cause. Vote for whomever you choose, but don’t be manipulated.