How Hillary Made Me #BernieorBust

Hillary Clinton made be #BernieorBust when she made the following statement on Meet The Press
“I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this, they don’t do their own research.” -Hillary Clinton (full statement and video here)
Way to attack an entire generation of people Madame Secretary.
This statement was made in response to this viral video of a 26 year old Greenpeace activist named Eva Resnick-Day confronting Clinton about taking money from fossil-fuel interests. Clinton responded in the video by getting in the young woman’s face and yelling, saying it isn’t true and that the she is “so sick” of the Bernie Sanders campaign lying about her. (note: Eva Resnick-Day has no affiliation whatsoever with the Sanders campaign)
This is future of this country you’re talking about Mrs. Clinton and statistically the most highly educated group of people in this country. Young people are far more likely to actually go out and do our research because we quite simply have far more access to information than any other generation in the history of this planet. Social media, online news sources, and educational databases have made it very easy for me to keep up with the news and politics, while at the same time being able to find background information and determine the truth behind any claim made by a reporter or politician (very bad news for Mrs. Clinton). I myself spend a majority of my free time just reading articles online and then fact-checking them out of fear of being mislead by the many biased and corrupt news sources.
Like me, Ms. Day, the activist, wasn’t overly fond of Secretary Clinton’s response and had this to say to to her:
” As a youth movement, we have done our own research, and that is why we are so terrified for the future…. Scientists are saying that we have half the amount of time that we thought we did to tackle climate change before we go over the tipping point. And because of that, youth—the people that are going to have to inherit and deal with this problem—are incredibly worried. What happens in the next four or eight years could determine the future of our planet and the human species. And that’s why we’re out there…asking the tough questions to all candidates: to make sure that whoever is in office isn’t going to continue things as they’ve been, but take a real stand to tackle climate change in a meaningful and deep way for the future of our planet.” -Eva Resnick-Day 
There is a reason the younger generations have such contempt and distaste for Hillary Clinton and that is because we do do our research.
As of now, I have no intention of voting for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances should she become the Democratic nominee. She displays no respect for younger generations or the intelligence of the people who don’t agree with her and constantly demeans Bernie Sanders supporters, claiming that the only reason we don’t support her is because we’re all young and naive or that we’re too idealistic to understand political realities. Well I see things very clearly and what I see is that based upon her experience, Hillary Clinton does not have the necessary judgment to be president, nor does she have the character. She is unfit to be president.