Hillary Clinton’s Arrogance Will Lose Her The Election

In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Hillary Clinton, was asked, “What ideas–can you name one idea that [Bernie Sanders has] put forward that you want to embrace? That he has really changed your position on?” She responded with, in essence, a cold hard no. (I recommend watching the video in the link to see her respond yourselves.) What she should have said was, “Yes. Bernie has shown me that the American people are much more open to his progressive ideas than I had originally believed and I am willing and looking forward to incorporate some of his proposals into my own. At least…that’s what Bernie Sanders supporters would have liked to hear.

Politico noted last month that Bernie Sanders has caused a massive shift in Clinton’s campaign, saying “Sanders has left a lasting imprint on Clinton’s candidacy, even if few in her camp are willing to admit it.” I have a feeling no one in her camp was willing to admit it because Hillary Clinton is too stubborn and prideful to admit it…maybe even to herself.

Regardless, Hillary Clinton is going to lose this race if she doesn’t wake up and swallow the cold, hard pill of humility. She needs Bernie Sanders supporters to turn out in droves for her in order to win this election and she doesn’t seem to care. Bernie supporters, especially young people – the most loyal Sanders supporters-are looking for honesty, integrity, consistency, and a real sense of leadership. But what it comes down to is that young people are sick and tired of standard politicians. They want to hear politicians talk about the issues they care about and how they’re actually going to make the country better. Not buzzwords. Not dancing around questions without ever actually saying anything of value. Not more lies and arrogance.

In the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, only 42% of respondents aged 18-34 reported that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton. 38% refused to choose between Trump and Clinton, saying they would either vote for a third party candidate or simply wouldn’t vote.

Democrats don’t generally do well when the young people stay home. According to Gallup, in 2008, Obama won the youth vote (under 30) by a 22 point margin, 61-39.  In 2004, Kerry won the youth vote by a 20 point margin, but lost the election. This is because the turnout among young voters was significantly higher for Obama. Obama would have never won without the youth vote carrying him to victory in the primaries and then giving him the edge in the general. If he had split the youth vote, 47-47, with McCain as Al Gore had with Bush in 2000, he would have lost. The same is true for Hillary.

Basically, Hillary Clinton needs Bernie Sanders to strongly and clearly tell his supporters that they have to turnout and vote for Hillary. If he doesn’t, she will lose to Trump. This is why Hillary Clinton’s arrogance could likely be her doom. She can’t continue to just assume Bernie supporters are going to come out to vote for her just because of how awful Trump is. She claims she wants party unity, so unify. Make concessions to Bernie on policy issues and give him the position of power you know he’d never ask for. Otherwise, Trump will be the next President of the United States. All because of Hillary Clinton’s arrogance.


Clinton Prematurely Declared Nominee To Give Her Excuse For Losing June 7th Primaries

Tonight, Monday June 6, the night before 6 states are set to vote in their states’ Democratic primaries, AP declared Hillary Clinton to be the winner of the Democratic nomination for President. Now, this is either horrendously irresponsible reporting or something much more sinister. That headline will be on the front page of every newspaper in the country tomorrow morning on top of being all over the prime time news tonight.

The 6 states set to vote tomorrow are California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Jersey. The current pledged delegate count These states have had their votes suppressed. They don’t matter. How many voters will hear or see that Hillary has already won the nomination and then decide they don’t need to vote? Why would they take time- possibly hours considering how long lines have been this year – out of their busy day to go vote if it’s already over? Their votes literally don’t matter.

Skeptics might say, “but wouldn’t that suppress more Clinton supporters than Sanders supporters since they want to cast a protest vote?” But it wouldn’t just be Hillary supporters deciding to not vote. A lot of likely Bernie voters will also hear that Hillary’s already won and decide not to vote. What if Hillary knew she was gonna lose California? That would not look good for her. Losing in the largest state in the nation combined with the ongoing FBI investigation, her historically low favorability and trustworthy ratings, not to mention Bernie outperforming her in nearly every head-to-head poll over the last 6 months, might just lead a few of those superdelegates to decide that Bernie Sanders is the safer bet come November, that he is the one with a better chance of defeating Trump.

ICalifornia, the largest state in the nation just so happens to have 475 pledged delegates up for grabs on Tuesday. Bernie’s polling there has skyrocketed to the point where he would have likely won.However, California also happens to be a state with early voting. Hillary tends to do much better during early voting, while Sanders tends perform better on the day of the election. Combining these factors, it’s seems to me that this declaration of Hillary’s victory can only only hurt Sanders, while giving her a nice piece of insurance to fall back on should she still lose in the states that vote tomorrow.

“Well, it’s possible a lot of my supporters just decided to stay home since they heard I had already won,” you can almost hear Clinton say should she lose nearly every state tomorrow. Only New Jersey,which also had early voting, seemed truly favorable for her. The premature declaration of her victory will now be the perfect excuse for her defeat.

There’s one last thing that needs to be mentioned: the pledged delegate count is what really matters. It represents the actual vote of the people (though many states have excluded the largest single voting bloc, Independents). As the Democratic party has claimed that superdelegates have always followed the pledged delegate count in the past (though it usually works the other way around). Given all of that, the pledged delegate count should be all the media focuses on. Placing superdelegate votes on screen constantly is live putting up a poll of who your favorite celebrities are voting for. It subconsciously, and consciously, changes voters minds. They have been making that “mistake” from the beginning.

The current pledged delegate count going in to tomorrow’s June 7th primary is 1812 for Hillary Clinton and 1521 for Bernie Sanders, with 714 yet to be allocated. The very fact that it is theoretically possible, though admittedly improbable, for Bernie to take the lead in pledged delegates makes this premature declaration of victory clear voter suppression and a completely undemocratic political tactic.

The Establishment is Upset Bernie’s Calling Them The Establishment

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) sharply criticized Bernie Sanders on Wednesday for lumping her and Jerry Brown into the “establishment” wing of the Democratic Party after the California governor announced the previous day that he, along with Boxer and other high-ranking California lawmakers, would be supporting Hillary Clinton.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/06/barbara-boxer-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-223772#ixzz4AMYQdj5g

This is how out of touch our politicians really are. Senator Barbara Boxer can’t understand why Bernie might point out that she and California Governor Jerry Brown are part of the Democratic establishment. I mean they’re the liberals. They’re the progressives. How could they possible be part of the establishment?

Bernie Sanders has been fighting this primary race with nearly every major elected politician (of the Democratic Party) openly supporting his opponent. In other words, nearly every Democrat has openly been against Bernie from the beginning. That is the establishment. That is coronation. Having one candidate be the presumptive nominee before the voters were even given options. Despite these elected officials saying to their constituents to back Hillary from the very beginning, Bernie has still taken 46% of the vote to date. That’s pretty damn impressive. Now, as Bernie gains on Hillary in California and is expected to win, Governor Brown endorses Clinton. So Senator Boxer doesn’t see how Governor Brown supporting Hillary Clinton before his state even votes, a state leaning heavily towards Bernie, makes him part of the establishment? Senator Boxer doesn’t see how her supporting Clinton before Bernie Sanders even entered the race makes her part of the establishment? Politicians may be even more out of touch with the American people than I thought. Even our supposedly most liberal politicians fall in line because it’s her turn. That’s the establishment at it’s finest. So no Senator Boxer, he’s not dissing you. He’s dissing the system itself and it seems pretty arrogant that you can’t see that. He’s pointing out the flaws that make most Americans hate politics. That’s why the majority of Americans don’t vote! You might be fine with the way things are. You might like the establishment. But whether you are willing to admit it or not, that makes you part of it. I don’t care how progressive you say you are.


How Hillary Made Me #BernieorBust

Hillary Clinton made be #BernieorBust when she made the following statement on Meet The Press
“I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this, they don’t do their own research.” -Hillary Clinton (full statement and video here)
Way to attack an entire generation of people Madame Secretary.
This statement was made in response to this viral video of a 26 year old Greenpeace activist named Eva Resnick-Day confronting Clinton about taking money from fossil-fuel interests. Clinton responded in the video by getting in the young woman’s face and yelling, saying it isn’t true and that the she is “so sick” of the Bernie Sanders campaign lying about her. (note: Eva Resnick-Day has no affiliation whatsoever with the Sanders campaign)
This is future of this country you’re talking about Mrs. Clinton and statistically the most highly educated group of people in this country. Young people are far more likely to actually go out and do our research because we quite simply have far more access to information than any other generation in the history of this planet. Social media, online news sources, and educational databases have made it very easy for me to keep up with the news and politics, while at the same time being able to find background information and determine the truth behind any claim made by a reporter or politician (very bad news for Mrs. Clinton). I myself spend a majority of my free time just reading articles online and then fact-checking them out of fear of being mislead by the many biased and corrupt news sources.
Like me, Ms. Day, the activist, wasn’t overly fond of Secretary Clinton’s response and had this to say to to her:
” As a youth movement, we have done our own research, and that is why we are so terrified for the future…. Scientists are saying that we have half the amount of time that we thought we did to tackle climate change before we go over the tipping point. And because of that, youth—the people that are going to have to inherit and deal with this problem—are incredibly worried. What happens in the next four or eight years could determine the future of our planet and the human species. And that’s why we’re out there…asking the tough questions to all candidates: to make sure that whoever is in office isn’t going to continue things as they’ve been, but take a real stand to tackle climate change in a meaningful and deep way for the future of our planet.” -Eva Resnick-Day 
There is a reason the younger generations have such contempt and distaste for Hillary Clinton and that is because we do do our research.
As of now, I have no intention of voting for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances should she become the Democratic nominee. She displays no respect for younger generations or the intelligence of the people who don’t agree with her and constantly demeans Bernie Sanders supporters, claiming that the only reason we don’t support her is because we’re all young and naive or that we’re too idealistic to understand political realities. Well I see things very clearly and what I see is that based upon her experience, Hillary Clinton does not have the necessary judgment to be president, nor does she have the character. She is unfit to be president. 



CNN has been constantly showing on screen today that Bernie Sanders needs 75% of remaining pledged delegates to win the Democratic nomination. This is EXTREMELY MISLEADING! Luckily, CNN isn’t the only one who knows how to do basic delegate math. According to The New York Times, Hillary Clinton currently has 1223 pledged delegates, while Bernie Sanders has 920. There are currently 1908 pledged delegates yet to be allocated, 142 of which are at stake today. Disregarding superdelegates, Bernie Sanders needs only 58% of the remaining pledged delegates to overtake Clinton. That would leave Bernie with roughly 2027 pledged delegates and Hillary with 2024. If anyone truly believes that the superdelegates will just grant Hillary the nomination should Bernie have the lead in pledged delegates, then they are seriously misguided. Democrats are not stupid. Bernie supporters would riot in the streets. I also remind you that these numbers are before the caucuses in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, where Sanders is expected to win big. This is the problem with counting superdelegates this early. The majority of superdelegates may have come out in favor of Clinton so far, but they do not vote until the Democratic National Convention at the end of July. Superdelegates are free to change their mind at any time until then. CNN knows this, but continues to mislead.


That number will go down after today.

Shame on CNN and their attempts to mislead the American public. The news should not be biased!

Sanders Displays Chutzpah In Flint Debate

“Excuse me, I’m talking.”

To say Bernie Sanders held his own in Sunday night’s debate in Flint, MI would be an understatement. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are skilled debaters, but Bernie was the clear victor Sunday night. Bernie likely convinced a fair number of Michiganders to “feel the bern” after the discussion on the “disastrous trade policies” such as the NAFTA and TPP agreements which lead to the massive outsourcing of jobs, leaving tens of thousands of Michiganders jobless. Bernie opposed these trade policies from the very beginning, while Clinton supported them. That fact will not be lost on Michigan voters.

One moment during the debate that has gained a massive amount of attention was when he stood up to Clinton while she attempted to talk during his time. The powerful and somewhat shocking “Excuse me, I’m talking” proclamation by Sanders has been all over the media with many sources attacking him over it. An article by CNN and several others even claimed it was sexist. These claims are absolutely ludicrous and in my opinion, sexist in and of themselves. Hillary Clinton is a strong, successful, and intelligent woman who can more than hold her own in a debate. Clinton talked over Sanders during his speaking time at various points during the debate, and Sanders eventually responded in a simple, but forceful manner, as he would against any candidate. How is a presidential candidate expected to deal with the many stresses of the presidency if they can’t handle being asked to wait her turn to speak. I personally found Sanders’ assertiveness against Clinton to be extremely refreshing and indicative of strong leadership qualities.

Another moment that was especially notable for Sanders in the debate, especially to me, was when questioned over whether he was “keeping his Jewish faith in the background during his campaign.” He responded passionately stating:

“I am very proud of being Jewish, and that is an essential part of who I am as a human being. My father’s family was wiped out by Hitler in the Holocaust. I know about what crazy and radical, and extremist politics mean. I learned that lesson as a tiny, tiny child when my mother would take me shopping, and we would see people working in stores who had numbers on their arms because they were in Hitler’s concentration camp.”

While I have a very strong distaste for when people attempt to bring religion into politics, I was extremely pleased with Bernie’s answer as a Jew myself and as a citizen who also worries about crazy and extremist politics. While I found the question to be in poor taste, especially considering how much of being Jewish is about culture and the impact it has on who you are as a person, I found his answer to only further display his raw emotion, passion, and proclivity towards sharing his true thoughts and opinions, whereas Hillary’s answers often displayed calculation rather than sincerity. Several times during the debate, I found myself watching Clinton and felt I could quite literally see the gears in her head turning, attempting to recall what her campaign team prepped her to say in order to best appeal to voters. Conversely, Sanders seems to share his true stances on the issues which he has been advocating for the past 26 years. Not to say Sanders isn’t prepped by his teams as well, but his quick response time made his answers seem more authentic and authenticity is an important trait to have as a president.



Superdelegates Can Change Their Vote At Any Time!

Many people are confused and discouraged by the Democratic primary system because the “superdelegates” make it seem rigged. Superdelegates make up 15% of the total number of delegates who will attend the Democratic National Convention this summer to choose the Democratic candidate for President. Superdelegates are comprised of Democratic members of Congress, Governors, former and current Presidents, and party leaders. Unlike pledged delegates, superdelegates are free to vote for whichever candidate they choose.

Bernie Sanders supporters (such as myself) or those considering supporting him are often discouraged when the media shows the delegate count. This is because it shows Hillary with a seemingly massive lead. However, this can be very misleading. Barack Obama faced a similar problem back in 2008 but still won the candidacy. This is because Superdelegates can change their vote at any time. While the vast majority of superdelegates currently back the Democratic Establishment, Hillary Clinton, they can and will change their vote should they see the majority of the popular vote going to another candidate (i.e. Bernie Sanders). The current overall delegate count is:

Hillary Clinton: 1052

Bernie Sanders: 427

However, the pledged delegate is the one that we should really be looking at. The pledged delegate count is what represents that actual will of the people. The current pledged delegate count is:

Hillary Clinton: 595

Bernie Sanders: 405

While this still shows Hillary Clinton with a sizable lead at the moment, it certainly shows a much closer race, especially considering that of the states that have already voted, Bernie Sanders has won (or at least virtually tied) the states that are more representative of Democratic voters as a whole, especially in the states to come. As a Democratic voter, this is important to keep in mind as the mainstream media attempts to push the idea that Hillary has all but won the nomination. The Superdelegate votes will not be enough to grant Hillary the candidacy. As in 2008, superdelegates will slowly, but surely, switch their votes to Bernie Sanders should he win the popular vote. The Democratic Party would crumble if they didn’t. There would be national uproar.

It is worth noting that it was far more difficult for me to find the pledged delegate count than it was to find the count including superdelegates. Don’t let the media dictate Elections by manipulating only showing you information in the way that furthers their cause. Vote for whomever you choose, but don’t be manipulated.